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How does a Powerflush work?

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A Power Flush is the only effective way of dealing with sludge build up in a boiler and central heating system. A Power Flush will also prevent any future water quality problems occurring and most boiler manufacturers insist on a powerflush, when a new boiler is installed. A filter such as the Magnaclean or Spirotech is also recommended for long lasting protection.

Signs You Need a Power flush

  • Heating circulation problems.

  • Cold radiators.

  • Pump failure.

  • Boiler noise.

  • System is slow to heat up.

  • Cold spots on radiators.

  • Partially blocked pipes.

  • High heating bills.

 Benefits of a Power flush?

  • Increase boiler and heating components lifespan.

  • Improved system efficiency by 25%.

  • Reduced gas bills.

  • Quicker heat up times.

  • Hotter radiators.

  • Equal distribution of heat throughout the heating system.

We use infrared cameras

Here we have a typical cold spot in the radiator. Once the powerflush was done the radiator was equal heat all over. Without this technology we would not be able to carry out such a thorough powerflush for our customers. 

Powerflush warranty

Once the powerflush has been completed, we issue a guarantee for 2 years, unless a magnetic filter is fitted or already inplace, then you will receive 5 year warranty.


The warranty covers blockages caused by sludge in the system. If this was to happen then Southern Powerflush will return free of charge to re flush the system.  

We also issue a certificate for powerflush. Which is accepted by British Gas & all insurance companies.

Elite Powerflush covers

all the southeast & London.








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