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Power Flushing

Are your radiators cold at the bottom? Our Power Flushing services can help remove build ups and unblock pipes, for a healthy central heating system.


Q . How do i know if I need a power flush?

A. If your system takes a long while to heat up , your radiators are cold on the bottom or constantly filling with air , your boiler is making loud kettling sounds then it is possible that you need a power flush.


Q. My insurance company will not repair my boiler until i have a power flush , is this normal ?

A. Yes , we are doing more and more power flushes these days for insurance purposes , they will not put new parts into a boiler or system which they consider dirty.

Q. Do power flush engineers have to be Gas Safe Registered?

A. Yes, to carry out a power flush properly on a combi boiler or system boiler you need to remove the boiler cover which is breaking the boiler cover seals. ANYONE TAKING A COVER OFF A GAS BOILER needs to be gas registered. Elite Powerflush is on the gas safe register.

Q. Do you give a warranty?

A. Yes! Your power flush will be covered by a 2 year warranty as standard!  If a magnetic filter is fitted by Elite Powerflush or one already in place, we will offer you a 5 year warranty!

Q. Do you issue a British Standards Certificate?

A. We issue a BS7593-2019 compliance certificate upon completion of the Power Flush.

Q. How long will a power flush take?

A. We usually take between 4 - 8 hours on a 3-4 bedroom property or large systems a few days to power flush your system depending on the amount of radiators and how dirty it is.

Q. Can a power flush cause leaks?

A. A power flush itself will not cause any leaks within your heating system and boiler. But if there is corrosion sealing a pinhole in a radiator ​then it will leak, due to the corrosion being removed. As for pipe joints and boiler parts, a power flush will not harm them.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes we have £2m public liability insurance.

Q. What chemicals and machinery do you use?

A. Depending on the situation we use Kamco professional cemicals and Kamco system safe inhibitor, we use Kamco CF90 & CF210 power flush machines and dual magnet filtration system which are able to clean up to a 100 radiator system and rad vibro tool to agitate the sludge in your radiators. We use a professional inferred camera to check radiators and pipework.

Q. Can microbore & single pipe systems be power flushed?

A. Yes they can but takes longer and requires our specialist knowledge of power flushing heating systems.

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