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Power Flushing

Are your radiators cold at the bottom? Our Power Flushing services can help remove build ups and unblock pipes, for a healthy central heating system.

What is a power flush

Not many people have heard about  power flushing. It's not until an engineer has informed you that your system is blocked or high amounts of sludge present in the system causing flow issues. A power flush is a cleaning service, that cleans the inside of the boiler, pipes, radiators & clears blockages on your heating system returning the heat back to your radiators. This has to be done by a qualified engineer. 

A powerflush is the quickest and most effective way to remove blockages and sludge from your heating system.

During a powerflush, a powerful pump unit is connected directly to your central heating system. Depending on whether you have a combi or system boiler, the powerflush pump will connect to the pump head or circulation pump. It can also be connected across the tails of a radiator.

Once connected, this pump will flush a powerful blend of chemicals through the pipework. These will remove the sludge and rust in the system, destroy limescale and prevent rust from reoccurring in the future. Once any sludge, oil, scale and other contaminants have been dislodged by the action of the chemicals, your heating engineer will force clean water through the pipes to remove all the contaminated liquid from the system, before properly disposing of it.

We can power flush any system weather its a common 2 pipe system or single pipe system. We also power flush 10mm -12mm microbore systems.

When the power flush is completed and the system has been re-commissioned we issue a power flush certificate which is accepted by British Gas and all breakdown insurance companies.

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